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GX Australia

GX Australia

Exhibition Hall 5


GX Australia is a weekend-long celebration of everything gaming & geek related — whether you're into comics or video games, cosplaying or consoles, you'll find something here showcasing your interests and hobbies. And best of all, it's all taking place in an epically awesome, inclusive, and supportive environment!

We have nearly 50 exhibitors representing both the amazing Australian indie video game scene as well as international companies, local artists, talented creatives and much more. On top of that, we've got a ton of panels focusing on issues of diversity, representation, the video game industry, and many other topics. If that's not all, we've got special VIP events as well as general access parties, special appearances and talks by our highly talented Bosses of Honour, and competitions!

Whatever your interests, we're certain that you'll find something exciting and fun to do over the weekend. We can't wait to see you there!