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Dining & gala dinner venues

Dining & gala dinner venues

Whether you're organising a cocktail function for two hundred guests or a gala dinner for thousands, Sydney Showground has a venue to suit along with award-winning catering to impress.

Whether you're organising a cocktail function for two hundred guests or a gala dinner for thousands, Sydney Showground has a venue to suit along with award-winning catering to impress. As far as Sydney dinner event venues go, Sydney Showground is the only place offering a big experience for organisers and attendees alike. No other Sydney dinner event venues can offer the diverse and flexible spaces to suit your space or décor needs. Most gala dinner venues dictate the décor, however at this Sydney dinner event venue, you can chose from the rustic interior of a stable, the drama of a high vaulted dome circular space or long and wide pillarless space you can dress or theme to your liking. The Sydney dinner event venues at Sydney Showground all include catering with award-winning produce, technical services, connectivity, security and utilities such as water, gas, compressed air supplies, and waste removal, enabling you to run creative and innovative activities during your Sydney gala dinner venue. When planning a gala dinner, it's the details that count. It's all the little things that make the dinner event a big experience for everyone attending. Sydney Showground offers a complete range of gala dinner facilities, event planning, management, and guest services. Other venues may simply show you a space and draw up a contract. The award-winning team at Sydney Showground provide a dedicated manager from day one to help design your dinner event from the ground up. A range of specialist services are available to enhance your gala, run by people with great knowledge of the venue and passion for their craft. They can offer assistance on everything from advice on traffic flow to liaising with relevant government authorities.

The Dome

Client services

The client services officer assigned to your gala dinner will oversee the smooth running of your event, coordinating traffic, road closures, loading dock movement, security, ticketing, transport, and cleaning.


Sydney Showground, through its links with the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, has unrivalled access to the best Australian produce available. A wide range of options, from simple tasty working lunches to restaurant quality menus, are made with the finest fresh produce from around the country. Make your selection from the Sydney Showground Menu Compendium.

Technical services

Sydney Showground offers a range of specialist technical services with in-house electricians, plumbers, sign-makers, painters and maintenance crew at your disposal. Let your Event Manager know what you need and they'll take care of it.
Audio-visual, staging and production can be provided through the venue's preferred partner, Microhire. Ask your Event Manager for contact details.


The venue is equipped with full internet access, telephone, fax and EFTPOS lines to service you and your attendees. A number of options are available to suit a wide range of communication and IT requirements. Brief in your requirements and let Sydney Showground take care of the rest.


The Sydney Showground security team are experts at managing the complex challenges of big events and have an excellent working relationship with NSW Police. A 24-hour security control room with access to feeds from over 120 CCTV cameras across the precinct ensures the safety and security of guests.


Sydney Showground is experienced in hosting events with complex requirements. Our gala dinner venues are able to offer a number of specialist services, including water, gas, compressed air supplies, and waste removal.