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Dinosaur Festival

Dinosaur Festival

Sydney Showground

Dinosaur Festival Australia makes its first appearance in Sydney NSW at Sydney Showground, from 17th to 20th December 2021!

Tickets are selling fast, book online here.

The indoor Dinosaur Festival Sydney offers a dynamic opportunity to expose school learners to experiences and explore the pre historic world in a rich and friendly educational environment. 

At the Dinosaur Festival we believe that through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, kids will have the ability to take ownership of their own learning, develop and explore their own curiosities. This unique exhibition provides the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and understanding of their immediate environment importance.

Why should school children and families attend the Dinosaur Festival in Sydney?

The Dinosaur Festival will give school learners the opportunity to participate in practical education boost self esteem, knowledge and skill both educationally and on the outside world.

It is a perfect opportunity for learners to compare and contrast what is important for them which leads to higher critical thinking skills.

The unique exhibition will expose parents as well as children to new ideas and concepts in our developing world of science and technology.

School groups and families in Sydney will have the opportunity to meet various  life size animatronic dinosaurs and come face to face with the legendary Tyrannosaurus rex. The exhibition is not only fun to examine up close, but children can also learn a lot about the dinosaur tragic story of mass extinction over 150 million years ago. 


The general public such as families can book their tickets online to attend the Dinosaur Festival Sydney here.

Tickets are limited and only available online. Due to high demand Dinosaur Festival tickets are usually sold out before the event dates. We advise our customers to book their tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointments on the last minute. Please note that we will not have tickets at the door.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS 2 (If you book before the 10th September 2021)

  • Kids $12.00
  • Seniors $15.00
  • Adults $18.00
  • Family of four $60 (2 adults and 2 kids).
  • Group or Family of eight mixed kids or adults $130.00

STANDARD TICKETS  ( If you book from 10th of September 2021)

  • Kids $15.00
  • Seniors $18.00
  • Adults $23.00
  • Family of four $64 (2 adults and 2 kids).
  • Group or Family of eight mixed kids or adults $120.00

Kids means 2 to 13 years of age adults means 14 years and above.


Please note that this event was originally scheduled for 6th to 9th August 2021 but postponed due to restrictions. If you had already purchased your ticket before the event was postponed and moved to Sydney Olympic Park, please note that your tickets are still valid and you can still use them on the new dates and venue which will be announced soon. We advise all ticket holders to remain patient, we will contact you soon. 

For more information please email us on

or visit our website.