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Nu Skin

Workshop and Gala Dinner

“Nu Skin was a challenging but very rewarding project and we are very pleased with the outcome. We have received lots of positive feedback and trust you have received the same for your contribution. Our team really enjoyed working with Sydney Showground on this project and want to thank you for your patience and professionalism.” Blake Harris, Triumph Leisure Solutions

Workshop and gala dinner case study

High-performing staff members of the Asian arm of direct selling company Nu Skin were rewarded with a trip to Sydney. Partners of those who received the incentive were also invited. The largest event during their trip was a workshop and gala dinner for 4,000 people, both hosted by Sydney Showground.

Key challenges

The most challenging component of the event was the preparation and serving of the dinner. Over 12,000 meals had to be served and cleared within two hours. Chinese speaking staff were required in order to discuss meal options, which didn’t only include a high-end, alternate-serve menu but also a complex series of options including vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, nut free and halal. Essentially the client required the equivalent of four function menus to be offered to 4,000 people within the one event.

What we did

Communication during the workshop in the Dome, before dinner, was enhanced through the use of one of the largest screens in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dining room preparation was an enormous challenge. Over 65,000 pieces of equipment were sourced to furnish the room. Kitchens were custom built including ovens, hot boxes, heat lamps, plate warmers, trays, pots, pans etc.

Chinese-speaking staff were sourced and peppered throughout the serving team. Other staff, carrying signs to identify themselves as translators, also walked the floor.

The event space was broken up into five areas, each managed by a specific team. This meant Sydney Showground staff were able to break the event down into manageable sections, creating greater efficiencies and results.


Service times were even faster than Sydney Showground staff had planned for. Entrees were served in 17 minutes. Mains were brought out in 26 minutes and dessert in just 18 minutes. The entire gala dinner for 4,000 diners was served and cleared in less than two hours.

Clients, including several event management organisations as well as their contractors, were thrilled with the outcome.